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Malaysia should halt expansion of Rela 0

Malaysia should halt expansion of Rela

The Malaysian government should scrap plans to expand a state-sponsored security force of civilian volunteers with a long record of human rights abuses against refugees and migrants, Amnesty International said. Ikatan Relawan Rakyat, commonly...

Improved security? 0

Improved security?

The plan to raise the number of police personnel by 60,000 could bloat the ranks of those who revel in “hunting” down undocumented migrants, warns Angeline Loh.

Sweeping dirt over the UNHCR carpet 0

Sweeping dirt over the UNHCR carpet

Demonising and splattering metaphoric dirt over international agencies such as the UNHCR and foreign nationals only serves to lower the respect and esteem in which the international community holds Malaysia, observesAngeline Loh.

Rohingya refugees 0

Rohingya refugees

There will be nothing for Rohingya refugees to celebrate this year on World Refugees Day. Their hope of obtaining temporary settlement in Malaysia under the IMM13 special pass was squelched by the government about...

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