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peace and justice 0

Promoting goodness and goodwill

The message of enjoining the good and rejecting evil, to preserve and promote truthfulness, justice and harmony should become the governing reference for society, asserts Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid.

Defining racism 4

Defining racism

An egalitarian society might never be truly achieved, but we will never be there if we don’t start believing in equality, says Nicholas Chan.

Apa lagi rakyat mahu? 3

Apa lagi rakyat mahu?

True to form, Umno does not disappoint in its single-minded goal of tearing this country apart for its own ends, writes Sheila Santharamohana.

What betrayal? 2

What betrayal?

Was there an agreement before the general election? Did Chinese Malaysians actually promise the BN their votes ahead of time, asks P Ramakrishnan.

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