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Defending the private lives and private spaces of our politicians is part and parcel of the process to regain and defend the private domain of all Malaysians, where we may live, love, pray, hope and strive for the betterment of ourselves and the fulfilment of our destinies in peace. It is that fundamental right that entitles us to be what we are, says Farish A Noor. No human being should be denied that privacy for the loss of that privacy entails the loss of something greater: the loss of the right simply to be what we are. The entire democratic process and democratic endeavour rests on that.

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The greatest tribute that we all could give the late Rustam Sani is to take the messages in his recently launched book and work in our own ways towards a better Malaysia, says his son, Azrani Rustam.

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rustamWe carry a series of tributes to Malaysia’s leading public intellectual, the late Rustam Sani, who was also an Aliran member. He was a man of integrity and conviction and his only agenda was to build a better world for his children and fellow Malaysians, says his daughter Ariani Rustam. “Perjuangan beliau adalah perjuangan seorang gentleman, tetapi intipati perjuangan itu tidak kurang sumbangannya ke arah mencapai cita-cita murni beliau untuk mewujudkan sebuah negarabangsa Malaysia.”

It is troubling to read the Prime Minister’s view on the Lingam Tape Report with regard to whether it would be made public or not. In responding to this question, he had said, “I want to see what is inside, what is being said and examine it in details before deciding.”

This means he has an option either to make the Report public or deny the people access to its contents. This option is not acceptable to civil society.

Aliran is happy to note that the Lingam Tape Report has been finally concluded and the Report submitted to His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

But Aliran is perturbed that there is no indication that the Report will be made public. It is our considered view that the public is entitled to have access to the Lingam Tape Report. We demand that this Report be made public.

On Sunday, 13 April 2008, civil society
groups and concerned individuals in Penang are coming together to
debate and propose plans of action on how they can work with the new
Penang state government to implement people-centred development and
to promote more democratic, participatory and transparent governance.

Registration: Phone 658 5251 during
office hours or email [email protected]

Registration fee of RM5 payable on the day. 

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Malaysians want a government that lives up to its
responsibility of ensuring that all citizens and other residents of
Malaysia have equitable access to safe, adequate and quality health
care, said participants at a forum on the proposed national health financing scheme. No one must be denied proper care because of lack of means.