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Hate machines 1

Hate machines

One after another, our establishments and institutions are slowly becoming centres pandering to insidious propaganda of a government that is tottering on its last legs of power, observes gregwar.

Janji ditepati: Mana sudah pergi? 0

Janji ditepati: Mana sudah pergi?

In recent days, those still watching television might have noticed that the Merdeka dittie ‘Janji Ditepati‘ has been increasingly scarce. What has happened to this song, wonders our correspondent.

Pagar makan padi? 0

Pagar makan padi?

Much heated debate – including the memorable exchanges between Nazri and Mahathir – surrounded the Biro Tata Negara controversy. If Umno is not racist, why does it maintain an indoctrination agency like the BTN,...

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