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(picture credit: theloaflangkawi.com)From mega projects Dr M has come full circle to launching teeny-weeny projects, observes our Loafer. Finally, his Look East Policy appears to have borne fruit or, should we say, bread. Dr M, in partnership with a Japanese entrepreneur, has started a bakery chain — The Loaf. (Photo credit: theloaflangkawi.com)

Most of the clashes between indigenous peoples, governments and international financial institutions have arisen due to differing interpretations of the term “development”. For indigenous peoples, the key issues include not just the right to protect and preserve their ancestral lands, but also often their very survival as a community, notes Terence Gomez.

Many Penangites believe that the monorail and the proposed second Penang bridge as currently designed were proposed with a view to achieving large profits for politically connected KL-based firms. A dozen leading Penang-based civil society groups have now released an urgent letter to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, calling on him not to sign agreements for such mega projects until a proper transport master-plan is prepared.