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The PR has to realise that its back is to the wall at the moment and to cling on to its idealism would also entail an enormous political cost, not least the very real prospect of losing support, patronage and power from those (particularly in the business community) who may decide to shift their loyalties elsewhere. Yet clinging on to its ideals and policy promises is not a case of misplaced juvenile idealism or romanticism gone off the tangent, notes Farish A Noor: without its ideals, the PR is nothing.

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 If our politicians’ goal is to ensure justice for all, then they must use power to ensure that this objective is met in the interests of all Malaysians irrespective of ethnicity, writes K Haridas.

Should Pas’s leaders continue to make unilateral demands, they will only be helping Umno/BN weaken the collective resolve and accommodative spirit that brought the Pakatan Rakyat together in the first place, and by doing so, helping further Umno/BN’s objective of maintaining its hegemonic grip on the country. And so for all our sakes – the Malaysian people’s and for Pas’s sake as well – do rein in these wild horses and keep the PR convoy in line, says Farish Noor, who reminds us that the March 2008 elections was an election for a new Malaysia – not for a theocratic sectarian state, be it in the communitarian mould of Umno or of Pas.