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Who are the poor in Malaysia? 0

Who are the poor in Malaysia?

The poor often get a raw deal. Francis Loh observes they can be found within every ethnic group. Thus, he says, efforts to eradicate poverty should cater for all. 

Aliran Monthly 30: 2 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 30: 2 editor’s note

Mahathir Mohamad is back in the spotlight again; notably, he was the special guest at the right wing group Perkasa’s inaugural AGM in March. The man is obviously not one to fade way into...

Let the poor walk with dignity 0

Let the poor walk with dignity

As Najib marks a hundred days in office as Prime Minister, the country is faced with political problems at a time of increasing economic difficulties, leaving the lower-income group most vulnerable. John Inbaraj writes...

The demerits of privatisation 0

The demerits of privatisation

Imagine if all the toll collection over the years had gone to the Treasury, how many poor people could have been saved from poverty. It is high time that all the highways are renationalised and...

Invisible people 0

Invisible people

After interviewing some Indian Malaysian families in an estate, in a low-cost housing area and in a longhouse within the outskirts of the Federal Territory, David Anthony was surprised – but not shocked –...

Another world is possible 0

Another world is possible

In another world, religion will not be a tool of exploitation in the hands of exploiters, but it will be a powerful weapon in the hands of the poor and the oppressed, says Asghar...

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