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Can we blame the bloggers for the sour and humourless dispositions of our politicians? Perhaps,  they’ve been eating too many sour grapes and have no means of expressing their frustrations in a more positive or creative way, muses Grumblestone.

Here we are again facing another Merdeka celebration that for some seems a chance to exhibit their patriotism in conventional or unconventional ways. Whatever way you do it, is seen as some kind of political statement, even when it may be merely a means of self-expression. Authorities in this country may not have reached the stage of open-mindedness found in some other countries. Our politicians lack humour and the ability to laugh at themselves or their silly mistakes. They’re as sensitive as ‘touch-me-nots’.

In the US, even George Bush and Bill Clinton can laugh at themselves. Brits laugh at their royals and  politicians from time to time. But in Malaysia, some of those holding political power seem to see themselves as ‘divine beings’ whose names should not be taken in vain on pain of being sledge-hammered with sedition, the ISA and other humourless and draconian rules.

In contrast, other countries like the US, UK and Australia suffer their nathional flags and effigies of their leaders being burnt and trampled on by protesters in foreign countries. Rightly, foreign protesters can do whatever they like on their home grounds as long as their governments tolerate it. There is no cause for a diplomatic incident as one does not tell one’s neighbours how to live their lives. Yet, again, we bristle up like porcupines and wag fingers at the neighboring populace beyond our jurisdiction… tut,tut,tut.

Yes, we should celebrate our ‘Merdeka’ in a big and ostentatious way, but for some, quiet patriotism suffices. Yet, the apparent festivity and ‘smiley-ness’ of the whole thing with fluttering ‘jalur gemilang‘ from car roofs and buildings leaves a somewhat artificial after taste. We are 53. Have we matured and grown wiser or have we missed maturity and gone straight to senility, falling into dementia instead?

This anniversary sees hard-sell talk of 1Malaysia and anti-racism, but is the reality convincing enough? The hard-sell on anti-racism is somewhat loaded on one-side. Like a dice used by the jackals always winning by means more foul than fair.

So can we blame the bloggers for the sour and humourless dispositions of our politicians? Perhaps,  they’ve been eating too many sour grapes and have no means of expressing their frustrations in a more positive or creative way.

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

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In Malaysia, politicians are rarely held accountable for their misdeeds and those guilty rarely resign, observes our Thinking Allowed correspondent. The absence of shame among them is mind-boggling.

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 If our politicians’ goal is to ensure justice for all, then they must use power to ensure that this objective is met in the interests of all Malaysians irrespective of ethnicity, writes K Haridas.

The tragedy of Umno, it would seem, has been the lack of intellectuals from the beginning, observes our special correspondent. Umno has never been known to engage in the battle of the mind to solve political, social and economic problems. Umno’s solutions to national problems have always been perceived to be cosmetic.

The BN, especially Umno, has an inexhaustible supply of characters like Najib, keris-kisser Hishammuddin, Nazri, Muhammad Taib, Azalina, Toyo — just to name a few – who have fantastic talent to screw up things by word or deed and thereby cause the BN to self-destruct. Our special correspondent sizes up the BN’s dire predicament.

Wong Soak Koon felt compelled to express her contempt at the item in
theSun today on MCA’s sexist billboard which depicted
opposition candidate Teresa Kok in sexist and suggestive cartoons.
According to the news report, “one of the billboards shows a
caricature of Kok, sexily clad in a red dress, hugging ‘Mr
Kinrara’ after dumping her old flame ‘Mr Seputeh’.”