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If we thought that
dealing an electoral blow to the Umno-led BN would serve as a wake-up
call, we’d better think again. Far from learning
anything from the rebuke, the new cabinet is proof that not one thing
has got in those thick skulls, observes Tingang.

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All the Malaysia Plan documents have classified estate workers as among the poor and disadvantaged sectors in Malaysia. What the government has failed to do is to add specific provisions to regulations regarding termination benefits to provide adequate protection to retrenched estate workers. Jeyakumar Devaraj calls for the law to be amended to protect their rights and welfare.

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bakun catchment loggedEstablishing plantations in the 1.5 million hectares Bakun Catchment is likely to threaten the viability of the Bakun Dam and the Bakun HEP, warns Philip Khoo. The Sarawak state government must provide some answers quickly.

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