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The PGCC Campaign Group would like to
offer our congratulations to DAP, PKR and PAS for their convincing
victory and also to Lim Guan Eng for being appointed as Penang’s
fourth Chief Minister. We are not able to send a bouquet of
flowers, but hope that sincere good wishes from the hearts of the
ordinary citizens who make up our membership will matter as much, if
not more.

In an open letter to the Barisan Nasional candidates, the PGCC Campaign Group expresses dismay and
disappointment that all our attempts to engage the Barisan election
candidates in dialogue have been spurned.

We have been concerned by
several issues, such as the proposed development for the Turf Club,
haphazard and ad hoc development, the lack of local plans, and the
rapidly deteriorating traffic situation.

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Widespread opposition and unhappiness about the PGCC has been a feature of the election campaign in Penang. At the massive 60,000-strong rally at theHan Chiang school field a couple of nights ago, speakers slammed the project to loud applause from the crowd. So, it is clear that the opposition comes not just from the well-heeled residents neighbouring the Penang Turf Club. The PGCC Campaign Group makes clear its position on the proposal to develop the Turf Club land.

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The Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) is being developed by Abad Naluri, a
25 percent-owned associate firm of Taman Equine, which in turn is
wholly owned by developer Equine Capital. Equine’s executive chairman
is Patrick Lim, widely seen as one of the most influential businessmen
in Malaysia. Former premier Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, himself often accused of cronyism
during his 22-year tenure at the helm, has reportedly referred to Lim
as ‘’Patrick Badawi’’, alluding to the perceived close ties between
Abdullah and Lim.

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Penang Turf Club land (240 acres)

Sold to Abad Naluri ("open recreational space"): RM43 per square foot

After re-zoning (to "mixed development"): value soars to RM250-300psf

Developer makes windfall profits before work can even begin! 

Aliran puts the spotlight on an iconic monument to folly known as the Penang Global City Centre Project with an eye-popping development value estimated at RM25 billion. Critics have dubbed it the "Penang Graveyard and Crematorium Complex" because of its proximity to a crematorium and a cemetery. Already a civil society campaign against the PGCC is gaining momentum as more and more Penangites become aware of its horrendous environmental implications. Instead of creating a concrete monstrosity with 40 towers, the government must convert the Turf Club land into a State Park as a legacy for future generations

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A packed press conference – followed by a virtual media blackout! It's a familiar story. Largely influenced by powerful political and corporate interests, the mainstream media appear to be blacking out any negative news relating to Patrick Lim's Penang Global City Centre project, which was launched by Prime Minister on 12 September.