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The Steering Committee of the Penang Forum is deeply disappointed and concerned that the Penang State Government has recently obtained an order from the High Court to strike out a court application made by the Tanjung Bungah Residents Association (TBRA) for legal clarification on whether Tanjung Bungah falls within the secondary or primary corridor in the Penang Structure Plan.

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Aliran Monthly 2010 No 2Mahathir Mohamad is back in the spotlight again; notably, he was the special guest at the right wing group Perkasa’s inaugural AGM in March. The man is obviously not one to fade way into the sunset and has once again re-invented himself to suit the era.

Is he a maverick, machiavellian or merely mainstream? That’s the question Maznah Mohamad poses in her review of Barry Wain’s book ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’’. The book, which is still held back from distribution in Malaysia, is a sobering testament that Malaysians almost always do not get the government they deserve.

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The call in 8 March 2008 was for change. The Pakatan Rakyat has ruled Penang since then. Two years later, what has changed? What has the new Penang state government achieved or has it lost its way? Are there obstacles we don’t know about? How has the state government responded to calls from civil society, not least the Penang Forum, for changes in the Penang Agenda? Where are we up to and what can we map out for ourselves and for the state government?

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