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Sabah will be a focal point in the coming general election, especially after the defections of two BN MPs. If the opposition can avoid contesting three-cornered contests then Sabah’s status as a BN ‘fixed deposit’ state could hang in the balance, writes Arnold Puyok.

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Put up tent cannot, gather cannot, wear black cannot, hold candles cannot, drink teh tarik also cannot. No wonder the cops have come under intense scrutiny, observes Martin Jalleh.

Is there a pattern in the way the Opposition is being targeted? Is this going to be the new strategy to contain the Opposition? Malaysians are genuinely perturbed by the new trend that has emerged.

First it was the son that they went for. They suspended him for the day and that should have been the end of the matter. But no, that was not enough. They had to use the sledgehammer to show that they are in power and that their majority can do whatever it wants to.

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latest AM coverIn our cover story, Anil Netto looks at life after the Kuala Terengganu by-election for the BN. The ruling coalition knows what it needs to do to survive; it has to push through major reforms to wipe our corruption and abuse of power to win back lost support. But is it capable of such reforms?

Someone who should know is Zaid Ibrahim. We have failed miserably in dealing with complex issues of society by resorting to a political culture of promoting fear and division amongst the people, he says.