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Shame on you, The Star 9

Shame on you, The Star

The Star can still be relied on for sports news and stock market reports – but its national news section really sucks, writes Francis Loh.

Sabah: Still a ‘fixed deposit’? 2

Sabah: Still a ‘fixed deposit’?

Sabah will be a focal point in the coming general election, especially after the defections of two BN MPs. If the opposition can avoid contesting three-cornered contests then Sabah’s status as a BN ‘fixed...

Can Umno re-invent itself? 3

Can Umno re-invent itself?

Many problems continue to trouble Umno and despite Najib’s best efforts, the party seemingly lacks the infusion of new blood, new ideas and strategies to deal with the Opposition, writes Johan Saravanamuttu.

Police come under the spotlight 0

Police come under the spotlight

Put up tent cannot, gather cannot, wear black cannot, hold candles cannot, drink teh tarik also cannot. No wonder the cops have come under intense scrutiny, observes Martin Jalleh.

Traitors and treachery! 0

Traitors and treachery!

If ever elected representatives are turned into renegades and turncoats, we must not only punish these traitors in the next round of elections but we must severely punish the party that encourages treachery, writes...

Aliran Monthly 28:11 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 28:11 editor’s note

In our cover story, Anil Netto looks at life after the Kuala Terengganu by-election for the BN. The ruling coalition knows what it needs to do to survive; it has to push through major...

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