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As Obama seeks to define the new image of the new America that hopes to play the role of honest broker and equal partner in world politics, one wonders if the age of global hegemony is coming to an end or being checked at least. One thing however is certain: in its present state, an America in economic crisis and suffering a credibility deficit can no longer swagger around the world with a big stick, observes Farish A Noor.

There is no guarantee that Obama will be able to undo the damage that has been done to America ’s image thanks to the violent militaristic unilateralism of previous administrations; and not even any guarantee that he can bring about a reversal in the slide of the US economy. But if he can at least re-inject some degree of moral credibility and consistency in the ethical conduct of international politics and compel the allies of the USA to live up to the standards of ethical governance he wishes to provide to his fellow Americans, that would be good enough, writes Farish A Noor.

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Nothing was decided with Obama’s victory, but it widens our freedom and thereby the scope of our decisions, says Slavoj Lilek.