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Reactions to bin Laden assassination 0

Reactions to bin Laden assassination

As in the case of the “supreme international crime” in Iraq, the bin Laden assassination illustrates that security is often not a high priority for state action, contrary to received doctrine, observes Noam Chomsky.

Mahatma, Obama and India 2

Mahatma, Obama and India

Despite his tribute to Gandhi, it is obvious that Obama is promoting skewed development which grinds down the poor, observes Asghar Ali Engineer.

Who is a terrorist? 0

Who is a terrorist?

There is a shrinking group of free people, people who believe in a context with everyone’s equal worth. This group still dreams about a society where everyone is included and for this, one is...

Obama’s mainstream success 0

Obama’s mainstream success

For Obama’s inauguration demonstrates in no uncertain terms is that success can be achieved via the mainstream and that to remain isolated in a parochial enclave of minority communitarian politics seldom gets you anywhere,...

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