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The economics of legal plunder 2

The economics of legal plunder

What has Najib done? His ETP components, entry point projects, PDPs, etc, are all bridge-to-nowhere projects that allowed the few to plunder the many and everybody to plunder everyone else. writes Sakmongkol AK47.

No good time for Najib 7

No good time for Najib

As a stream of corruption allegations against Najib’s government dents its image and the economy slumbers, it is unlikely public opinion will turn his way anytime soon, writes Anil Netto.

1Malaysia – Continued fragmentation 0

1Malaysia – Continued fragmentation

K Haridas looks at Najib’s ‘1Malaysia’ slogan and wonders how different it is from Mahathir’s ‘Wawasan 2020’ and Badawi’s ‘Islam hadhari’ buzz-words. Can we really trust the premier’s reform pledge?

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