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Indian Malaysians deserting Pakatan? 0

Indian Malaysians deserting Pakatan?

Malaysians have indeed awakened. Indian Malaysians, for instance, voted in droves for the opposition in the last general election. It is time to tackle the root causes of their discontentment, says P Sivakumar. 

Hindraf rally: A plea of the dispossessed? 0

Hindraf rally: A plea of the dispossessed?

The Hindraf protests are, in effect, a cry of the dispossessed, says Subramaniam Pillay, and this could radically alter the future political landscape. If there is a much larger opposition in the next Parliament,...

Deflated dreams 0

Deflated dreams

The shouts of joy that greeted the election of Abdullah Badawi as prime minister have now turned into whispers of apprehension, notes Angeline Loh, even as the media abdicate their responsibility.

Marginalised Mahathir 0

Marginalised Mahathir

Much water has passed under the Crooked – or if you insist, Scenic – Bridge. Accolades to the Abdullah administration havecome from BN politicians, the Opposition and even one Anwar Ibrahimfor having terminated what...

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