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Old Malay movies: Reel life and real life 2

Old Malay movies: Reel life and real life

Soon Chuan Yean reviews Amir Muhammad’s book on old Malay movies and finds that ‘reel life’ in those classic flicks often reflected the ‘real life’ setting of that bygone era.

‘All of You’ 2

‘All of You’

The Malay Agenda propounded by Umno reminds Tota of a children’s story by Chinua Achebe in his book ‘Things Fall Apart’.

Education policy flip flops 1

Education policy flip flops

The government’s flip-flop over the use of Malay and English for teaching Science and Mathematics is irresponsible, says Rani Rasiah. What is clear is that these are political decisions to please certain groups and...

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