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am coverThis issue is surely a collectors’ item… What a historic watershed general election it was – with stunning results! For the first time since 1969, the ruling coalition was denied its coveted two-thirds’ parliamentary majority. A salute to the ordinary people who made this possible. In our cover story, Khoo Boo Teik looks at how the people came together to collectively crack the BN’s supposedly shatter-proof hegemony. Analysing the transformed political landscape, he discusses some of the fresh challenges that lie ahead.

Umno-BN hegemony has come to a sudden halt. The 50-year-old political
juggernaut has been severely jolted, its formidable force fragmented, observes Martin Jalleh. The ruling coalition, which had used its brute majority to bully and
bulldoze its way and will in Parliament, blinked when the Opposition
breached its two-thirds majority.

Barisan, you told me
before and you keep telling me again and again that you are the best
party to rule this country. You have always coaxed the electorate to
give you a two-thirds majority in Parliament. You keep telling us
that you will transform Malaysia into “negara cemerlang”. The
electorate has believed you and trusted you.

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AM coverThe 12th General Election is crucial for Malaysians. It will set the
direction for the nation and will determine the status of democracy in
this country. More importantly, the outcome of the results will decide
the secular status of this nation which is under grave threat, says P Ramakrishnan.  We don’t need a strong government. We need a just government.

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We have witnessed how the BN has taken away
all our rights and freedom because the BN had a two-thirds’ majority to
amend the Federal Constitution. To safeguard our rights and freedom we
must NEVER, EVER give them this two-thirds’ majority, asserts P Ramakrishnan.