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Three civil society groups have launched a citizens’ intiative to monitor the media coverage of the general election camapaign and to straighten out any spin and distortions they find. They will be assisted by independent volunteers. Their observations will be posted on a blog maintained by the media monitors. You can also make use of the blog’s RSS feed to incorporate the news into your blogs, websites and aggregate news readers.

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The Star (22 November 2007) curiously carried a piece (“Media needs to be effective”) written by one of its columnists, M. Veera Pandiyan, who lamented the apparent dilemma faced by Malaysian journalists working in the mainstream media. These, he warned, were "indeed trying days for Malaysian journalists" – in reference to the “dogged criticisms” that were hurled against the mainstream media due to their questionable and often distorted reporting.

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Here we go again–the issue of government-media partnership being discussed at the yearly Langkawi International Dialogue (LID), where journalists were quizzed by governmental leaders from Africa and Malaysia. A Bernama report that was published in NST and The Star (6 Aug 2007) mentioned how Rehman Rashid of the NST and Michael Aeria of The Star (among other journalists from outside Malaysia) got a taste of their own medicine when they were asked some “tough” questions by political leaders.