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Obama’s mainstream success 0

Obama’s mainstream success

For Obama’s inauguration demonstrates in no uncertain terms is that success can be achieved via the mainstream and that to remain isolated in a parochial enclave of minority communitarian politics seldom gets you anywhere,...

The mainstream media’s election debacle 0

The mainstream media’s election debacle

How did the BN suffer such a huge setback when it controlled the mainstream media? Clearly, it seriously underestimated the reach that the internet made possible, says Wong Kok Keong.

Bloggers on Opposition benches 0

Bloggers on Opposition benches

The presence of five bloggers on opposition benches in Malaysia’s newly elected parliament must be galling for the Barisan Nasional, which was returned to power in Saturday’s general elections minus its long-held two-thirds majority.

What dogs the Malaysian mainstream media? 0

What dogs the Malaysian mainstream media?

The Star (22 November 2007) curiously carried a piece (“Media needs to be effective”) written by one of its columnists, M. Veera Pandiyan, who lamented the apparent dilemma faced by Malaysian journalists working in...

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