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In an open letter to the Barisan Nasional candidates, the PGCC Campaign Group expresses dismay and
disappointment that all our attempts to engage the Barisan election
candidates in dialogue have been spurned.

We have been concerned by
several issues, such as the proposed development for the Turf Club,
haphazard and ad hoc development, the lack of local plans, and the
rapidly deteriorating traffic situation.

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Widespread opposition and unhappiness about the PGCC has been a feature of the election campaign in Penang. At the massive 60,000-strong rally at theHan Chiang school field a couple of nights ago, speakers slammed the project to loud applause from the crowd. So, it is clear that the opposition comes not just from the well-heeled residents neighbouring the Penang Turf Club. The PGCC Campaign Group makes clear its position on the proposal to develop the Turf Club land.