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Of late there has been talk of setting up a media council. Zaharom Nain asserts that a council with teeth is needed to hold the media accountable to the rakyat.. The repressive legal environment and increasing concentration of media ownership have to be tackled as well.

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The attempt by the Umno-dominated BN government to rush the DNA Bill begs many questions, observes Tota. Despite opposition by the Opposition, whose ranks boast first-class legal brains compared to the lawyers in the government ranks, the Bar Council and legal and medical experts outside, the government exposes itself as a irrational and foolhardy one. No right-thinking Malaysian will buy the government’s claim that the timing of the Bill had nothing to do with Anwar’s Sodomy II trial.

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Some participants at a seminar organised by an insitution created under the auspices of the Umno-led government want non-Muslims found committing khalwat (close proximity) with
Muslims to also be held liable. They also want
penalties for
Muslims caught for khalwat, prostitution, consuming alcohol
and involvement in gambling activities.

An angry Farish Noor says this is further proof that the so-called ‘moderate and progressive’
brand of Islam that was sold to us as ‘Islam Hadari’ was little
more than another Umno propaganda device; serving to placate the
concerns of the international community while in fact serving only to
extend the power and hegemony of the state at home. 

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