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Divine justice delivered 1

Divine justice delivered

What can a judge do? Stephen Tan Ban Cheng introduces a poignant tale making the rounds of how justice of a divine variety is realised by a human judge.

Patriots are made, not born 2

Patriots are made, not born

Lee Chong Wei’s Olympian efforts and achievements have made him a national hero. But there are also many unsung heroes in our midst – those who have sacrificed their freedom and personal comforts in...

End the ISA as promised 0

End the ISA as promised

That this administration is clearly violating every aspect of its commitment to a moderate approach to government is no longer surprising by now, write Ahmad Fuad Rahmat and Ahmad Farouk Musa.

The rise of valiant women 1

The rise of valiant women

At a time when some of us might bemoan and feel helpless in the face of an oppressive political culture, Dave Anthony says we should take heart at the emergence of a string of...

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