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Two dramatic days 0

Two dramatic days

The police tried everything – arrests, intimidation, and the media. They failed to dampen the Jerit cycling team’s spirit. Each day was a struggle, but on the final day, it was Jerit that recorded...

Pedal power 0

Pedal power

In the Jerit “Cycle for Change” campaign, Rani Rasiah describes how a group of young Malaysians stunningly overcame the odds to highlight the concerns of the working class and marginalised groups. Among the cyclists’...

Aliran Monthly 28:10 editor’s note 0

Aliran Monthly 28:10 editor’s note

Who could have imagined the election results of March 2008! Khoo Boo Teik looks back at a long year and reminds us that we must continually turn to our community of dissent. It is...

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