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Justice may be unsexy 0

Justice may be unsexy

Unless we tackle the inner demons of suspicion, mistrust and fear within us, we will be unable to achieve a democracy that is inclusive of the “unsexy” people whom we find hard to see...

The Great Malaysian Train Robbery 0

The Great Malaysian Train Robbery

Our national news is the stuff of legends, writes Sheila Santharamohana. Most Malaysians stay riveted for hours to online news portals reading about real-life scandals, sexual indiscretions, murder, betrayal, greed, conspiracies.

Mahatma, Obama and India 2

Mahatma, Obama and India

Despite his tribute to Gandhi, it is obvious that Obama is promoting skewed development which grinds down the poor, observes Asghar Ali Engineer.

Lighting candles 0

Lighting candles

The simple act of actively lighting candles is perhaps dangerous if it illuminates the darkness of ignorance, oppression and injustice, says Yeoh Seng Guan.

People’s Power will win the day 0

People’s Power will win the day

In the light of the recent Abolish ISA rally, during which close to 600 people were arrested, Hishamuddin Yahaya takes comfort in the assurance that people power will ultimately win the day. Don’t underestimate...

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