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Judiciary far from truly independent 0

Judiciary far from truly independent

To say that our judiciary is truly independent is something that does not make sense especially after witnessing the crisis and the complacency of the institution over the years, observes Ronald Benjamin.

Our broken democracy 0

Our broken democracy

Andrew Aeria looks at the state of our democracy one year after 8 March 2008. What he uncovers is not a pretty picture – much of the abuse of power and nonsense still remains....

Save the judiciary now – Part I 0

Save the judiciary now – Part I

Judicial review of laws is the most important legal weapon in the hands of the Judges to rectify the mistakes committed by the Executive. This power has been taken away from the Judges. It...

Change is long overdue 0

Change is long overdue

Now that it is increasingly clear that Malaysia may have a change of government sooner than many Malaysians themselves had expected, it is imperative that Malaysians accept and understand the need for change, writes...

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