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Andrew Aeria looks at the state of our democracy one year after 8 March 2008. What he uncovers is not a pretty picture – much of the abuse of power and nonsense still remains. Electoral democracy, human rights, the judiciary and the media all remain broken. 

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Judicial review of laws is the most important legal weapon in the hands of the Judges to
rectify the mistakes committed by the Executive. This power has been
taken away from the Judges. It should be re-instated, asserts
Mohd Ali.

that it is increasingly clear that Malaysia may have a change of
government sooner than many Malaysians themselves had expected, it is
imperative that Malaysians accept and understand the need for change, writes Farish Noor.
Political change is as natural as breathing and sleeping, and is
nothing more than a mere normative aspect of modern democratic
political life.

Tan Sri Zaki Azmi’s appointment as
Court of Appeal president was no surprise. It was predictable from
the time he was catapulted into the Federal Court, making him the
most junior Federal Court judge. Elevating the most junior Federal
Court judge to the post of president of the Court of Appeal is
unprecedented in our judicial history. But that did not seem to
bother the Prime Minister. Neither was he perturbed by the negative
comments following Zaki’s appointment to the Federal Court.

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Am coverWhat are we focusing on in this issue? Correct! Correct! Correct! It’s the explosive Lingam video clip and the impact it has had on Malaysian society.

In our cover story, P Ramakrishnan asserts that everything that could go wrong with the judiciary has gone wrong. The only way to redeem the judiciary, he argues, is to appoint a royal commission of inquiry with broad powers to look into all that ails the bench.