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Photo by Tan Sooi Beng

Shakila Abdul Manan describes how a group of multi-ethnic youths brought George Town’s local history to life through an inclusive musical drama, ‘Ko-Tai’. 

This week will witness the 55th General Assembly of Pas. In a sense, the party is at a crucial turning point. The vote swing that took place in March 2008 was not an endorsement for an Islamic state, or moral policing, or a theocracy under the thumb of a bunch of Ayatollahs. Instead, Pas needs to understand that to be a national party with national aspirations means having to develop an inclusive political rhetoric and platform that reflects the multifarious character of Malaysia’s complex society today, observes Aliran member Farish Noor.

Democratic politicians in Malaysia and elsewhere should understand one simple fact: that democracy is not a licence for every sectarian grouping to come forth and make exclusive sectarian demands for itself and at the expense of the rest of the nation, warns Farish A Noor.