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The waltzing AG 0

The waltzing AG

Laws are supposed to be interpreted by the courts, but here we have the attorney general who interprets them to justify not taking action, observes Ravinder Singh.

Mahathir and his mouth 12

Mahathir and his mouth

The rakyat are not swallowing meekly all that Mahathir is spewing out. But he seems to go on and on and on like a broken record, observes gregwar.

The malaise of being a Muslim? 4

The malaise of being a Muslim?

Mustafa K Anuar explains why Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali’s recent claim – that Malay-Muslim business people are at a disadvantage compared to their non-Muslim counterparts because Islam prohibits Muslims from being involved in haram...

Who’s scaring the ‘rakyat’? 0

Who’s scaring the ‘rakyat’?

In all the furore over a peaceful rally for clean, free and fair elections, Malaysians must carefully separate the wheat from the chaff, observes Cuci-Cuci Malaysia.