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term “Allah” has been used before the advent of Islam. It has
been the common term of reference to the Almighty for many centuries.
The various communities using this common term of reference had no
problem in understanding this word and what it referred to. There has
been no confusion whatsoever. Nobody has objected to the use of this
term of reference until narrow-minded politicians got involved and
created the present unnecessary controversy. Ordinary people from all
faiths have better common sense in understanding this term of
reference; they know what it means and what it alludes to in their
respective faiths.

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Representatives of the main religious groups in Malaysia came together and sign a joint declaration that reiterates that water is God's gift to the people.

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Inter-religious relations meanwhile have taken a turn for the worse, and a resourceful Zaharom Nain decides to take the matter up at the highest levels – in a manner of speaking. But no, not another open letter to the Prime Minister – but one addressed to God…