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Power should be based only on people’s unity, which in turn should be based on justice on the one hand and people’s dignity and rights on the other, writes Asghar Ali Engineer.

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mahadevToday is the 60th anniversary of Gandhi’s death. In paying tribute to the Mahatma, Mahadev Shankar says that freedom fighters should not worry too much about the consequences of their righteous acts but rather leave the results in the hands of the Divine.

"I find it very hard to reconcile myself to the numerous statutes which now provide that ‘the decision of the Minister shall not be questioned in a Court of Law’. The ISA is only one of them. You can find similar provisions in  the Industrial Relations Act and, of late, even in the Private Health Care Act, which came into force this year.

"Has the immunity – or the impunity – thus conferred led us astray, especially when some Judges seem to have been contaminated with the same syndrome?"

Mahadev quotes Jack Kennedy in saying our success of failures will be measured by the answers to four questions:

"First: Were we truly men of courage…?

"Second: Were we truly men of judgment…?

"Third: Were we truly men of integrity…?

"Finally: Were we truly men of dedication?

"Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi undoubtedly was.

"Why can’t we?" wonders Mahadev.