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To unilaterally demand that a perfectly sensible, responsible and objective public forum be stopped on account of the perceived injury to one community – real or imagined – smacks of bias and prejudice, and the failure to even understand the anxiety of other communities, observes Farish A Noor. One is compelled to ask if these ‘defenders of Islam’ have even thought of the pain and anguish caused to those families who have seen and lived through broken marriages, divorces and grave-robbings? Or do the feelings of other communities not count, and do other communities have no sensitivities?

Apparently during the commotion caused when some of the so-called ‘defenders of the faith’ had entered the room where the Bar Council forum on conversions to Islam was being held, there were calls for a certain ‘babi’ to ‘balik Cina‘. Aliran member Farish A Noor has checked and double-checked all the photos that are available on the internet and has seen no image that corresponds to the ‘babi‘ in question. For the sake of academic consistency and objectivity, he is compelled to ask the Bar Council this: Was there a pig in the auditorium where the forum was held?