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In Malaysia, politicians are rarely held accountable for their misdeeds and those guilty rarely resign, observes our Thinking Allowed correspondent. The absence of shame among them is mind-boggling.

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Academicians, NGO representative and grassroots communities came together to articulate a Malaysian response in the face of the global food price crisis, reports Jojo M Fung, SJ.

Two weeks ago, on 15 November 2008, more than a hundred Malaysians from all walks of life, and particularly from the grassroots sectors of plantations, fisher folk, farmers, small producers, and concerned Malaysians representing either themselves or various NGOs, academicians and some government bodies historically gathered to express the direct impact of the global food crisis on their lives and to share with us their thoughts, and opinions on how we, together as Malaysians, can lessen this impact and overcome the challenges it poses.

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rasa rasa penangOn a lighter note, Khoo Boo Teik reviews a book on a subject close to our hearts – or rather stomachs: Penang food, one of the few things here we can claim to be world-class! Anyone using Rasa-Rasa Penang will find it a wonderful eating-out guide filled with lovely photographs of dishes and spreads, chefs, stall-keepers and restaurateurs; simple and clear maps; and brief but accurate descriptions of what to expect.