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While Professors and lecturers of many other Islamic universities elsewhere dabble in issues such as ‘Islamic biology’ or scientific theories of Djinns and spirits, the Islamic scholars of Indonesia have shown that one can be a Muslim and a scientist at the same time, observes Farish A Noor. The rational spirit of social scientists like Ibn Khaldun lives on, in Indonesia…

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The practice of having open houses during religious festivals has become so much a part of Malaysian life and culture that it is almost unthinkable for many Malaysians not to have them. Although such social interaction may not necessarily be the solution to the problems surrounding ethnic relations and national solidarity in the country, as it is often touted as such by government leaders, it certainly provides a golden opportunity for Malaysians of various ethnic, cultural and religious stripes to mingle with one another and, perhaps, learn a thing or two about those from different backgrounds.