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What would we do without them? 1

What would we do without them?

Hygiene workers do the general public a favour by maintaining the cleanliness and pleasantness of public spaces despite the often dirty and dangerous nature of their jobs. Theirs is the nobler cause, says Jasmine...

Get real, Suhakam! 1

Get real, Suhakam!

If children cannot be protected against an exploitative and unjust system, what is the rationale for standing in their way when they participate in actions to demand their rights, asks Rani Rasiah.

Domestic workers and domestic work 0

Domestic workers and domestic work

While the current exploitation of the domestic worker stems from a system which exploits people for profits (i.e. capitalism), gender discrimination and the isolation of the worker are also contributing factors, points out Prema...

A comic history that’s no joke 0

A comic history that’s no joke

‘Where Monsoons meet: A people’s history of Malaya’ provides a different perspective because it foregrounds the role of economic exploitation in the shaping of our society, say Aliran member Amir Muhammad.

Another world is possible 0

Another world is possible

In another world, religion will not be a tool of exploitation in the hands of exploiters, but it will be a powerful weapon in the hands of the poor and the oppressed, says Asghar...

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