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In many cases, high-level inter-religious and inter-civilisational dialogue conferences and seminars, held routinely in hotels and resorts the world over, have become an end in themselves: a convenient meeting point for Western elites and their third world compradore counterparts to come together and agree upon the terms of the Washington neo-liberal consensus, writes Farish A Noor.

In an open letter to the Barisan Nasional candidates, the PGCC Campaign Group expresses dismay and
disappointment that all our attempts to engage the Barisan election
candidates in dialogue have been spurned.

We have been concerned by
several issues, such as the proposed development for the Turf Club,
haphazard and ad hoc development, the lack of local plans, and the
rapidly deteriorating traffic situation.

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badawiJohn Hilley argues that curbs on the discussion of racial and religious issues not only breed suspicion, resentment and disunity but foster Vision-type notions of national unity popularised by big leaders.Malaysians do know how to debate and disagree civilly. They must reclaim this right.