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Bebaskan 45 tahanan ISA 0

Bebaskan 45 tahanan ISA

Berikutanmogok lapar yang dilancarkan oleh tahanan ISA, keadaan tahanan dilaporkan semakin lemah apabila ada dalam kalangan tahanan yang tidak mengambil sebarang makanan dan minuman, mengikut Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA.

Why beat up detainees? 3

Why beat up detainees?

The police can have a hundred and one reasons to detain anyone, but surely it is not their God-given right to harm anyone in the process, asserts R Nadeswaran.

Memories of ISA 0

Memories of ISA

We feature a glimpse of what certain ISA detainees went through in the past and also showcase a collection of books by previous ISA detainees, recounting their painful experience in detention.

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