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Aliran is perturbed
that the Penang State Deputy Director of Education, who is a civil
servant, instead of discharging his duties pertaining to education,
has unfortunately directed his attention to matters of politics. This
is conduct unbecoming of a civil servant and must be condemned in no
uncertain words.

We have learnt that
he has instructed heads of schools in Penang to “play safe” and
not invite State Government leaders and other elected representatives as VIPs and guests of honour to grace or officiate

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The Barisan Nasional government has surprisingly admitted that RTM is its mouthpiece! Whether he did this so inadvertently or after being flustered while searching for a ‘clever’ reply to allegations that RTM news reports and programmes in general were politically biased, Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin stated in no uncertain terms (in a television news report on 15 November 2007) that Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM) is a government department.