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Aliran members were among those who protested outside the central lock-up in Bayan Baru on Mother's Day 2014

Almost a year ago, a media report was published about a 64-year-old welder from Pengerang, Johor, alleging that his 25-year-old son, Syed Mohd Azlan bin Syed Mohamed Nur, was killed in police custody and that no explanation had been given to him about his son’s death.

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A cage used for illegal immigrants found at a human-trafficking camp in Wang Kelian, near the Malaysia-Thailand border of Wang Kelian, recently. - Photograph: Hasnoor Hussain/The Malaysian Insider

Prema Devaraj urges Malaysians to carry on the fight for change despite the horrors of human trafficking, custodial deaths and repressive laws.

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