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Why can't we strive for perfection? No rubbish bin here, but residents have created a dump, by dumping rubbish illegally on the road - Photograph: Jiran

Instead of striving for perfection, what we have is a slipshod and half-baked approach to work that has resulted in such an unsatisfactory state of affairs all over, laments Angry Malaysian.

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Mustafa K Anuar argues that civilised and uncivilised behaviour defies labelling western or eastern; in fact such behaviour whether positive or negative cuts across national boundaries. If, as some argue, demonstrations are ‘western culture’, does that mean that butt exercises are ‘eastern culture’?

The official use of the songkok has always been embroiled in controversy, be it the requirement for state assemblymen’s swearing in or non-Malay students attending a university convocation. The songkok really has nothing to do with religion or ethnic identity, says our special correspondent.

Like many autonomy movements, the insurgency in Southern Thailand is fuelled by a combination of nostalgia for the past, anger over the present and the deep-rooted desire for recognition and respect. But how do you show respect to a villager when you stare at his face through the scope of a machine gun on top of an armoured car? And that, in a nutshell, is the problem, says Farish Noor in this despatch from Southern Thailand.

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umnoyouth‘Waving the keris is very normal in Malay culture,’ so stated an Umno MP defending Umno Youth leader Hishammuddin, who had unsheathed and wielded his keris at the last Umno general assembly. Another Umno leader had also chastised the MCA leader for having stated publicly that Hisham’s histrionics might have contributed towards the drop in support among Chinese in the recent Ijok by-election.

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Mary Magdalen reminds us of the plight of our Orang Asal. She proposes that we move quickly to develop a special curriculum to cater to their special education needs.