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Smelly business in Kangar 0

Smelly business in Kangar

When the Kangar Municipal Council tried to terminate the unsatisfactory services of a privatised rubbish collection contractor, it was told that the contractor had a 22-year contract with a federal entity. Francis Loh describes...

Who minds the minders? 1

Who minds the minders?

Of late there has been talk of setting up a media council. Zaharom Nain asserts that a council with teeth is needed to hold the media accountable to the rakyat.. The repressive legal environment...

Aliran Monthly editor’s note 30: 4 0

Aliran Monthly editor’s note 30: 4

Bring back local council elections! That’s the theme of Tan Pek Leng’s cover story exploring the quest to reclaim our democracy. If the Local Government Act stands in the way, then it must go,...

Empowered Penangites make their voices heard 0

Empowered Penangites make their voices heard

Feeling more empowered than ever before after the shock opposition win in Penang, civil society activists and other concerned individuals came together to discuss and agree on key areas of concern and proposals for...

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