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Advancing a people’s Asean 0

Advancing a people’s Asean

More than 1,000 representatives of civil society groups from the Asean region came together in Bangkok in February to express their desire and commitment to work towards a people-centred Asean Community that promotes justice...

The long 2008 0

The long 2008

Who could have imagined the election results of March 2008! Khoo Boo Teik looks back at a long year and reminds us that we must continually turn to our community of dissent. It is...

A city without a soul? 0

A city without a soul?

The inner city community life in George Town is precious – and to lose it would be unforgiveable, says Gwynn Jenkins.

Bloggers on Opposition benches 0

Bloggers on Opposition benches

The presence of five bloggers on opposition benches in Malaysia’s newly elected parliament must be galling for the Barisan Nasional, which was returned to power in Saturday’s general elections minus its long-held two-thirds majority.

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