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Competent…? 0


The Election Commission head says the commission is well prepared for the possibility of floods swamping the Sarawak state election. But Abang Adek says the commission’s performance during the recent flood-hit Tenang by-election is...

“You help me, I help you” 0

“You help me, I help you”

The Election Commission and MACC should take action against Najib Razak for his blatant attempt at vote-buying on the Sibu by-election eve. The position is compounded by the seriousness of the offence committed by...

A lesson from Sibu 0

A lesson from Sibu

The Sibu ‘buy’-election result shows that money doesn’t buy everything in life. And, political arrogance has its price too, writes Mustafa K Anuar.

Of goodies and buy-elections 0

Of goodies and buy-elections

We’ve seen it all these years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s kosher just because it has been done all this while, writes Mustafa K Anuar, referring to the ‘goodies’ dished out prior to...

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