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The malaise of being a Muslim? 4

The malaise of being a Muslim?

Mustafa K Anuar explains why Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali’s recent claim – that Malay-Muslim business people are at a disadvantage compared to their non-Muslim counterparts because Islam prohibits Muslims from being involved in haram...

Pakatan: Pro-business or pro-people? 0

Pakatan: Pro-business or pro-people?

Anil Netto looks at the Pakatan Rakyat economic orientation and questions whether its pro-business policies are compatible with pro-people sustainable development.

Workers, rise to the occasion! 0

Workers, rise to the occasion!

Rising food and fuel prices mean the real purchasing power of workers’ wages is plunging fast. What we have seen is economic growth that has only benefited business owners, thus increasing the income divide....

The business of dialogue 0

The business of dialogue

In many cases, high-level inter-religious and inter-civilisational dialogue conferences and seminars, held routinely in hotels and resorts the world over, have become an end in themselves: a convenient meeting point for Western elites and...

Liberal posers and corporate chameleons 0

Liberal posers and corporate chameleons

‘Media values’ and ‘business ethics’ are obscuring the real issues of free speech and environmental calamity, says John Hilley.When will the liberal media and eco bodies claiming to articulate these concerns wake up to...

It’s now or never 0

It’s now or never

Women must get involved in the health financing debate as they are major care providers and recipients in the health care system.

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