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Sour politicians can’t take a joke 0

Sour politicians can’t take a joke

Can we blame the bloggers for the sour and humourless dispositions of our politicians? Perhaps,  they’ve been eating too many sour grapes and have no means of expressing their frustrations in a more positive...

Blogging the bullies and bullying the bloggers 0

Blogging the bullies and bullying the bloggers

Zaharom Nain explores the world of blogging in Malaysia. Bloggers are providing a real alternative to the mainstream media and countering the distortions and unravelling the propaganda. No wonder the authorities are sitting up...

Blocking bloggers 0

Blocking bloggers

Charter 2000-Aliran is deeply concerned by the recent defamation suit brought out by the New Straits Times Press against bloggers Jeff Ooi of "Screenshots" fame and Ahirudin Attan ("Rocky's Bru") for their allegedly defamatory...

Deflated dreams 0

Deflated dreams

The shouts of joy that greeted the election of Abdullah Badawi as prime minister have now turned into whispers of apprehension, notes Angeline Loh, even as the media abdicate their responsibility.

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