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Penang’s FOI Bill “disgusting” 11

Penang’s FOI Bill “disgusting”

Selangor’s Freedom of Information Bill, being the country’s first, was understandably impaired. But what excuse has Penang to come up with the same paltry replica of Selangor’s FOI Bill, asks Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan.

Ouch, my medicine bill is killing me… 0

Ouch, my medicine bill is killing me…

In the absence of price regulations in a “free market”, pharmacists and doctors are making excessive profits by marking up drug prices substantially, observes Zaheer Ud Din Babar. How can the poor afford such...



Aliran is appalled with the IGP’s proposal, publicised on 17 February 2007, that all foreign workers be confined to kongsi and have their movements monitored by management to prevent them from committing crimes.

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