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am cover 29: 7In our cover story Anil Netto looks at the Pakatan Rakyat’s economic orientation and questions whether its pro-business policies are compatible with pro-people sustainable development.

Within the Pakatan, Pas appears to be speaking with different voices to different constituencies, observes Farish Noor, who says the party can and should play a key role in determining the development of democracy in Malaysia.

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new dawn
Philip Khoo looks back at the general election and surmises that it wasn’t quite a new dawn but it was a liberation all the same. We now need to rise above pursuing mere economic efficiency; we must promote a more holistic understanding of social solidarity to reduce inequalities and enhance capacities.

Following its big gains in the Mar. 8 polls,
Malaysia’s once disparate opposition, led by the charismatic former
deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim, has forged a formal coalition
capable of taking on the ruling 14-party National Front (NF) coalition.

move is hailed by pro-democracy activists as the first step in the
creation of a viable two-party political system, probably the first
stable, working system in South-east Asia, observes Baradan Kuppusamy in this analysis for IPS.

In an open letter to the Barisan Nasional candidates, the PGCC Campaign Group expresses dismay and
disappointment that all our attempts to engage the Barisan election
candidates in dialogue have been spurned.

We have been concerned by
several issues, such as the proposed development for the Turf Club,
haphazard and ad hoc development, the lack of local plans, and the
rapidly deteriorating traffic situation.

Barisan, you told me
before and you keep telling me again and again that you are the best
party to rule this country. You have always coaxed the electorate to
give you a two-thirds majority in Parliament. You keep telling us
that you will transform Malaysia into “negara cemerlang”. The
electorate has believed you and trusted you.

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keadilan leadersP Ramakrishnan looks back at the Ijok by-election (‘buy election”?) and its implications for Keadilan. If the by-election had been fought on a level playing field, the opposition would have made mince-meat of the BN candidate, he observes. But have Keadilan and Anwar been destroyed by the result?