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Perhaps the only thing that can save Anwar, Badawi and Malaysia in the long run is an investigation and trial that is absolutely objective, transparent and accountable, writes Farish A Noor. For even the slightest hint of bias or irregularity will add credence to Anwar’s claim that the accusations against him are part of a political plot to prevent him from returning to politics; a fact that was stated in his closing remarks during his televised debate where he stated that he intended to contest in a by-election soon.

hari Dr. Mahathir kelihatannya semakin tidak sabar untuk
menyingkirkan Abdullah Badawi. Namun senario yang diharapkannya ialah
supaya PM itu disingkirkan oleh Umno sendiri – bukan melalui proses
yang melibatkan pihak pembangkang di Parlimen. Alasan
tersiratnya amat jelas: Jika Abdullah tersingkir oleh Umno
kemungkinan beliau digantikan oleh seseorang dalam Umno sendiri akan
memungkinkan Mahathir terus memanipulasi situasi politik negara ini
dari belakang tabir, lebih-lebih lagi jika si pengganti itu terdiri
daripada para sekutu yang boleh terus dimanipulasinya. Demikian ulasan daripada Rustam Sani.

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badawiZooming in on what is going in Malaysian society in the aftermath of recent demonstrations organised by lawyers, the Bersih coalition and Hindraf, Khoo Boo Teik observes that the goodwill that was shown to Abdullah Badawi in 2003-2004 has largely evaporated. Is there is a whiff of reformasi in the air now?

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The Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) is being developed by Abad Naluri, a
25 percent-owned associate firm of Taman Equine, which in turn is
wholly owned by developer Equine Capital. Equine’s executive chairman
is Patrick Lim, widely seen as one of the most influential businessmen
in Malaysia. Former premier Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, himself often accused of cronyism
during his 22-year tenure at the helm, has reportedly referred to Lim
as ‘’Patrick Badawi’’, alluding to the perceived close ties between
Abdullah and Lim.

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If the ruling coalition is denied a two-thirds parliamentary majority, it would be forced to become accountable, to respect the people’s rights and to conduct itself responsibly and prudently. It is time to usher in a new era of accountable politics, says K George.

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abdullah badawiOne cannot depend merely on the personality of a leader to bring about fundamental reforms to major social institutions such as the media, writes Wong Kok Keong. However different the media are under Abdullah (compared to how they were under Mahathir), the environment now is hardly conducive for independent, critical media to take root and flourish.