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Aliran is revamping its website and today, we are launching a regular column “Thinking Allowed online,” featuring almost daily commentaries on current issues.

We look at the story behind the news and analyse the issues behind the headlines from a perspective of justice, human rights, multi-ethnic politics and universal spiritual values – all that Aliran stands for.

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Latest AM coverThis special issue features our recent 32nd anniversary fund (and fun!)-raising dinner in Penang attended by close to 700 people. Enjoy the photos by Amiruddin Ahmad in the centre pages, featuring highlights of this celebration of the struggle for justice including the performances by Pete Teo and the Aliran Singers.

Our cover story features P Ramakrishnan’s address at the dinner, urging Malaysians to take a stand on the side of truth and justice at all times so that we can have the future we want. There is no room for neutrality.

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Dalam ucapan utamanya di MAT ini, Presiden Aliran P Ramakrishnan merakamkan perasaan kesalnya terhadap apa yang berlaku di negeri Perak yang melibatkan kontroversi pengambil-alihan pemerintahan negeri oleh parti BN daripada tangan Pakatan Rakyat ekoran dari ‘lompatan’ beberapa ADUN. Ini adalah satu tindakan politik yang membelakangkan kehendak majoriti rakyat Perak yang memilih PR pada pilihanraya umum 2008.

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