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It has not been the happiest leadership transition for the ruling coalition. Khoo Boo Teik looks at the unusual position the BN is in, having lost four by-elections in the peninsula since the last general election. At the heart of Pakatan Rakyat’s advances is a sea-change at the social level – a phenomenon which has been captured on blogs, websites, and Youtube.

badawi and mahathirThe BN sorely requires reinventing, not least because the MCA, Gerakan and MIC have blamed Umno’s arrogance and excesses for their defeats, writes Khoo Boo Teik, in the second of a three-part series. While Mahathir has gone for broke, Abdullah can neither assuage Umno’s partners’ demoralisation nor reduce Umno’s power within the BN, without which there can be no revitalisation.

The tragedy of Umno, it would seem, has been the lack of intellectuals from the beginning, observes our special correspondent. Umno has never been known to engage in the battle of the mind to solve political, social and economic problems. Umno’s solutions to national problems have always been perceived to be cosmetic.

mahathirMahathir’s departure is the latest and clearest signal that the Umno-Mahathir-Abdullah trinity, hegemonic up to the general election of April 2004, has crumbled, observes Khoo Boo Teik, in the first of a three-part series. For the pretenders to top posts and power-brokers, there’s much to do, stealthily and quickly, because Umno has reached a well-known political condition: the leader is too weak to impose his will, the led are not yet strong enough to depose him.

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badawiThe honoured title of “Bapa Malaysia” was conferred by a grateful nation on our beloved and revered founding father, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Will Abdullah become known as “Bapa Corridor”, wonders Tota.

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abdullahAbdullah Badawi has declared his determination to ensure efficiency, commitment, service to the people and an end to corruption and to pay special attention to the people’s problems. But does he have enough people in Umno to help him? Can he push through meaningful reforms before he is shown the door, wonders K George.

hari Dr. Mahathir kelihatannya semakin tidak sabar untuk
menyingkirkan Abdullah Badawi. Namun senario yang diharapkannya ialah
supaya PM itu disingkirkan oleh Umno sendiri – bukan melalui proses
yang melibatkan pihak pembangkang di Parlimen. Alasan
tersiratnya amat jelas: Jika Abdullah tersingkir oleh Umno
kemungkinan beliau digantikan oleh seseorang dalam Umno sendiri akan
memungkinkan Mahathir terus memanipulasi situasi politik negara ini
dari belakang tabir, lebih-lebih lagi jika si pengganti itu terdiri
daripada para sekutu yang boleh terus dimanipulasinya. Demikian ulasan daripada Rustam Sani.

If we thought that
dealing an electoral blow to the Umno-led BN would serve as a wake-up
call, we’d better think again. Far from learning
anything from the rebuke, the new cabinet is proof that not one thing
has got in those thick skulls, observes Tingang.