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  1. Keep up the good work. By the way, have you guys try another angle to unite Malaysians by engaging Psychologists to talk on the subject of ” How the human mind function “? Understanding it, will provide you a good picture of how people manipulate the Holy Quran (HQ) to their advantage.

    Do not believe what I say, go check up the following chapters:

    – Al-Fatihah chapter 1: verse 1. In the name of GOD, most gracious, most merciful. This is the foundation to understand the HQ.

    – Al- Baqarah 2:26. He misleads many thereby, and guides many thereby; but He never misleads except the wicked.

    – Al- Baqarah 2:62. Does it not looks like other religion can reach GOD?

    – Q50:16, mentioned that GOD is in everyone of us. Are you allowed to kill GOD’s creations?

    – Al- Kahf 18:29. Are we allowed to believe or disbelieve in GOD? … How can a race be connected with a religion?

    Just understanding the above, will already give you solutions to most of our national problems.

    I sincerely believe ISLAM is a religion promoting PEACE. Sadly, it has been manipulated by leaders (religious and Politicians) for their own advantage. Judging from the above will also show you that our constitution is not in line with the teachings of the HQ.

    This is my small contribution to unite Malaysians and the world at large.

    I unite people through understanding similarities of various religion. Interested, go check up


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