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Activists walk from Perlis to Sabah to campaign against violence to women and girls 2

Feminism in Islam is not a facade

The world has a negative preconceived idea regarding the status of women in Islam only because of the Muslim men and women who embrace such extreme chauvinistic views, writes Syerleena Abdul Rashid.

Anti-GST protest in KL on Workers Day 2014 1

May Day! May Day! Malaysia!

The deterioration in the quality of life and the spiralling cost of living are taking their toll on the average Malaysian. We are sinking and may hit rock bottom soon, warns Rakyat Jelata.

Photo credit: pribumiperkasa.com 4

Malaysia, semuanya pun boleh?

Rakyat menolak sentimen negatif BN dan kuncu-kuncunya yang hanya bertujuan memecah belahkan negara ini dan mengaburi mata rakyat jelata, ujar Sheila Santharamohana.

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