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Man in the mirror 0

Man in the mirror

LM discusses the conflict between personal values and corporate values and the struggle to be true to one’s self in the corporate world and to hold on to one’s principles.

Rakyat lawan ISA 0

Rakyat lawan ISA

Hassan Karim provides an eye-witness impression of the massive Abolish ISA rally in KL today, during which 589 courageous Malaysians were arrested.  Kuala Lumpur, 1 Ogos Dari dalam LRT aku melalui Stesyen Mesjid India....

Domestic workers and domestic work 0

Domestic workers and domestic work

While the current exploitation of the domestic worker stems from a system which exploits people for profits (i.e. capitalism), gender discrimination and the isolation of the worker are also contributing factors, points out Prema...

A wake-up call for Pas 0

A wake-up call for Pas

The proposal for “unity talks” between Umno and Pas may have led to the latter’s poorer showing in the in Manek Urai by-election, suggests Anil Netto.

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